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Gnome Desktop with Helix P4V

This product is our standard Gnome Desktop build with the P4V application installed. This application allows graphical interaction with Perforce Helix Core servers and their associated resources


Cycuity enables comprehensive security verification throughout the entire lifecycle of  development, so organizations can detect security vulnerabilities before manufacturing. The company’s Radix™ product line enables rigorous hardware security assurance for all silicon devices, helping companies that build or rely on semiconductors achieve security sign-off faster and reduce risk

Siemens OneSpin

OneSpin provides solutions for design, synthesis and module verification and fault analysis for functional safety.

AMD Xilinx Vivado Design Suite

Vivado Design Suite is a software suite for synthesis and analysis of hardware description language designs, superseding Xilinx ISE with additional features for system on a chip development and high-level synthesis.

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